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What will survive the bargain? Shopping is one of the top five things people do when they visit a new location, so we’ve put together a list of places to consider if shopping is your passion.

Tip: Seek to avoid countries with a low currency. When the currency is cheaper, you will get more money when you change to a new currency.

The Far East Treasure Chest Singapore is showing good numbers for its Annual Shopping Festival. According to Singapore’s senior tourism executives, the Great Singapore Sale continues to draw a growing number of tourists from the Middle East in its thirteenth year. Running from June to July, the festival will see malls, shopping centers, and retail districts providing massive discounts, some as 70%, on various products, including clothes, appliances, shoes, watches, gifts, and household pieces.

The Great Singapore Sale has hit a record high this year, with a total of 30 community centers participating. In addition, thousands of stores in town centers and shopping malls can provide deals on a wide variety of goods and services. The festival provides a wide variety of concessions to tourists in Singapore. Widespread late-night retail hours are further expanded to satisfy demand, and a greater number of enticing sales and thrilling deals fall into their own class so that guests can shop to their heart’s content.

Flights to Singapore are quickly selling off during this summer’s high season, with a large portion of tourists taking advantage of excellent shopping from the Middle East. Shopping is a core component of Singapore’s tourism sector and is also one of the major reasons tourists come to Singapore. International tourists shopping in Singapore have been a significant contributor to the economy of the region. About 1.6 billion a year, with nearly one-fifth or 357 million invested during the2005 Great Selling of Singapore.

Tip: When there’s anything you’re searching for in particular, it’s a smart idea to figure out how much something costs in the place you stay in so that you have a quality to measure; this way, you’ll recognize where you’ve packed yourself a real deal overseas.

London U.K. Born to the store? Find out how to make your money go deeper by purchasing directly from the manufacturer at sample sales and showrooms, saving you up to 90% off the retail price.

Chicago-US As you talk about having a shopping trip in America, New York is the first spot that automatically comes to mind. Yet this major city is by no means the culmination of anything America has to deliver because Chicago has rapidly become a popular retail hub. Travel to Chicago Premium Outlets for an exclusive range of 120 label and brand name shops promising discounts of up to 65percent every day! Stroll around this Western theme outdoor hub featuring renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Diesel, and more.

Los Angeles-US Owing to its position and combination of well-known retailers and trend-setting boutiques, the Beverly Center in Los Angeles is a popular shopping spot for Hollywood stylists and celebrities.

Bologna Italy Requires a break from the political, geographical, and theological facets of Bologna? A limited amount of retail counseling can be in order. Pick up an Italian luxury leather purse at Furla, Sergio Rossi accessories, or refresh your closet with Pollini’s new line; shopping options are limitless in Italy.

Florence-Italy, Real deal seekers are planning to travel to such luxury stores as Prada and Gucci, which have become a shopper’s heaven. Get ready to purchase another suitcase to carry home your bargains with Gucci and Prada at 30 to 50 percent off the selling price, and you’re going to need a little more luggage space. Then, when you enjoy a discount, go to The Mall, which has become a shopper’s heaven for luxury shops such as Burberry and Armani. As if that’s not enough, limit yourself to the sets of Fendi and Dolce and Gabbana.

Milan-Italy Explore the emerging styles and newest designers with a tailored shopping and lifestyle tour of Milan. Then, head off the beaten track to find the next big trend in foreign design.

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