Cruelty Free Fashion Shoes Every Woman Must Have This Fall/winter

Most Vegan women like me dread that over 35 million smart and beautiful animals are killed on their backs only for their fur or leather (and this is just winter!), but that doesn’t stop us from being as stylish as our carnivorous counterpart. We want to collect dozens of sandals, sneakers, loafers, flip flops, high-knife shoes, and other footwear in our shoe wardrobe, but we want cruel fashion only. Ten years ago, this would have been an almost impossible challenge as all vegan shoes looked almost the same.

It’s not that difficult to find cruel-free shoes today. More than ever, companies now start to cater to the cruelty-free mode and offer a wider range of options. The only challenge as this trend continues to emerge is to find out how many shoes you really need. You have to start to wonder how many you like and how many fit, complement your fashion style, and are sufficiently versatile to accomplish multitudes of tasks.

These are 5 autumn/winter fashion shoes that help you create a cruelty-free shoe wardrobe so all-inclusive that you’ll have the right eco-friendly shoe no matter what the occasion is.

1. One pair of weather-protective footwear.

If only one boot is available in your lifetime, an environmentally friendly, air-seal boat like the Vegetarian Shoes 14 Eye Boat can be used. Go with two pairs if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors. Air-seal boots with tipped-out steel toes and a rubber-made sole offer you the eternal quality you want.

2. One or two pairs of fashion boots in a medium or dark neutral.

These alternative leather boots are classic and sexy to add a rim to jeans and daily tea. One of the coldest weather looks of the season is the top of the calf boots with flat heads, but surprisingly on demand, even if the weather is warmer. The Biker boots are perfect for those of you who like engineer boots but want to have something more fit. Wear them as biker boots when you feel a little “rebel.” If your style looks more classic, just take the buckle away and immediately give you easy, comfortable boots, all right.

3. One pair of chic looking boots

High boots like Aurora nearly knee, give you a chic look with straight skirts and classic pants. You can wear these with naked legs or opaque winter pads. Furthermore, they work well with formal, almost formal wear, add sophistication to their jeans and immediately wear a denim skirt and cardigan as nothing else can. The Alta style can also be looked at, just 11 “down the top of the shoe and down the eco-friendly footwear. The upper part of the shoes consists of the highest quality synthetic micro-fiber and the furnish usually contains extremely soft synthetic micro-fibers or fleece.

4. One pair of neutral-colored casual boots for the weekend

There are classics like the Amy boot a woman can’t be wrong. You should have a very soft and flexible sole for your casual cruel boot during your weekend, making it very convenient to wear all daytime. Make sure that your casual, environmentally friendly boat outside is made out of “leather,” like synthetic microfiber, giving you that elegant look, while the inside is made of a soft cotton flavoring and a generous bed for your feet.

5. One pair of attractive non-leather sneakers.

The fall period is the perfect time to walk around and enjoy the surroundings in the nearby park. Whether it’s hemp or synthetic micro-fiber, your eco-friendly non-Leather sneakers go well with your suitcase, yet hard work is done at the gym. Pairs with an extremely supporting EVA sole and a thick padded tongue are the best athletic/sporting footwear.

If you follow the tips above, you’ll create the perfect autumn/winter fashion women’s shoe wardrobe, which won’t matter what the occasion is. Without compassion, remember, nobody can have fashion.

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