Multi-seasonal fashion

Recall the days of one season’s trends? The Kiss of Death was to be seen wearing “it” last season. Now we cross our fingers and hope for evening results of skinny jeans and metallics. Okay, our requests have been granted. And we, too, should hang on to most of all of us who want to wear clothes, even in winter. The mavens of beauty are now slacking us!

A Leg up on Leggings

You probably have realized that leggings were back in big ways, and now is the time to catch the early adopters if you wanted to keep up with the trend. The leggings can be difficult (and you figured it was only as simple as one leg on each other), says Michelle Antonelli, concept consultant at Cable & Gauge and Spenser Jeremy.

To avoid further confusion, Ms. Antonelli breaks it down for us.

How to wear leggings

Pick an easy style dress in one of the new baby dolls, a-line, or trapeze shapes.
Go soft by selecting a feminine printed georgette or an easy soft knit dress is a great color.
Keep it simple by opting for a solid color legging in black or brown.
Keep it in proportion. Make sure the dress or top you select hits just at or above the knee. If you’re wearing a mini-dress, select Capri length leggings and a ballerina flat.
Skip the hosiery and show off your ankles and the top of your foot by wearing a ballerina flat or colored pump.

Dressing up for the transition from winter to spring/spring to summer
Mode-dives hate to give up their favorite frocks, and layering is luckily still a significant trend to allow us to make a smooth transition. Here are some easy tips for making your must-have dress for several seasons from Mrs. Antonelli.

Favorite Sheer Printed Dress:

When the weather is cold, tights and boots are really sweet. As spring arrives, slide the fabrics into a sandal with the bigger addition-a cardigan with a shorter duration. Grant yourself a beautiful pedicure and wear your dream flip flops for a really relaxed summer feel.

Essential Sheath Dress:

Set up a thin gauge with a long sleeve to create a sweater feel for winter to render the necessary outfit. For a cold spring day, change a lightweight thin, sleeved tea or move into a bright topper jacket about two inches above the robe’s collar. When it is time to sleeplessly choose a patent leather designed sheet, or go for a specific color or object, such as an arrow or buckle. Recently, Jimmy Choo launched a rich red with a vanilla ride and an arch that would attach the necessary sheath dress to it.

Knit Dresses:

Your year-round companion may be matte sweater dresses or different skirts. Take a pair of comfortable and soft tights with your favorite lightweight cardigan. Most people consider knits to be a vital inclusion in their clothes or for those who do not realize what Mother Nature intends to do in the meantime.

The Return of Metallic: How to Make It Work

Unless the runway shows what will remain, metallics will be with us another year, according to Antonelli. Designers have taken to shimmering and stores are heavy for metallics, so how do we push on without being blind? Below are two easy tips to note when you next hit metalwork:

Find Your Shine:

Don’t be afraid to try. Handbags, gloves, bandages, brocade or jacquard suits, and sweaters all have various polished classes, from silver glazing to clear bits of black, hardware specifics (grommets, buckles, and rings), and two-tone trimmings. Across nautical and traditional neutral resort designs, Cable & Gauge has gold metallic cables and jewelry that can be carried from winter to spring. Summer shells are also accessible on the side.

Opt for Simple Shimmer:

Remember that there is less fabric, so that’s the trick to strip the luxurious look from an item so make that shine. You can easily start from the top by choosing a metallic knit with particular details such as a Kimono sleeve or a form of a blouson and wear it for drinks with a velvet knee or with denim to give a casual feel. Experiment, investigate this pattern, remain here … For now, at least.

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