Organic cotton baby clothes–Benefits every parent should know

Organic cotton baby clothes–Benefits every parent should know
Bio cotton clothing today is a hot item with all sorts of retailers. It is actually so hot that mega-giant Wal-Mart now carries organic clothing in its shops and layers.

Although organic cotton clothes are extremely popular with clothing manufacturers and retailers, many parents are not aware of how organic cotton and baby clothes are related. Too many parents believe that the term simply makes them think that there is probably nothing special about baby clothing. Many will buy organic baby clothes, clothes, and so on and miss the many benefits of their children’s wear.

So it is good to have some background when looking at organic cotton baby clothes. Organic cotton, for example, is mainly cultivated in India under strict rules and chemically-free fields. Organic means something is grown in an environment that is chemically free. This is done further by ensuring organic cotton growers that the fields do not use chemical or pesticide products of any type for a minimum of three years. It is highly regulated and monitored to make sure organic cotton is exactly what it claims to be.

Ordinary cotton is cultivated in places where cotton is not grown in particular. It is also cultivated with high pesticides and chemicals that the cotton is soaked when it grows. Because conventional cotton has far fewer restrictions, there is no way to know how many chemical pesticides are actually used.

These pesticides are generally petroleum-based, and they have a large number of serious side effects. Experts think the chemicals in the cotton can cause everything from allergic reactions to asthma to even cancer. In addition, producers often add cotton dyes, which offer further chemical reactions, and you are faced with a serious problem.

Baby cotton clothes remove any health problems that may come from traditional cotton. Many have nickel-free snaps or hypoallergenic buttons to make organic cotton clothes an even healthier choice. These are also the way to ensure that children wear their baby clothes as safely as possible. 

Bio-cotton protects our environment as well. It also protects the quality of water and human health that grows and produces it. So buying organic cotton baby clothing, blankets, beds, and so on means, you’re not just protecting your child but also making the entire world a little safer to live.

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